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Don't Settle for Ordinary... American Beadboard in a Bathroom Downingtown PABeadboard - DIY Bath Crashers Farmhouse Redo

Our American Beadboard will transform your room into the Extraordinary!

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Buy The 8 Foot Wide Kit and Save over 25%
8 Foot American Beadboard Kits
36" Tall Kit:  $119 Kit would be $164 if purchased separately
42" Tall Kit:  $129 Kit would be $176 if purchased separately
54" Tall Kit:  $149 Kit would be $200 if purchased separately


8 FT American Beadboard Kit

American Beadboard Kit Consists of 12 Beadboard Panles, a Top Cap molding and a Base Molding

There are 3 components to the 8 foot beadboard kit;

   1) 12 Beadboard Panels
   2) Poplar Top Cap Molding
   3) Poplar Base Molding

Reversible Beadboard Panels

American beadboard close up cross section viewOur Beadboard Panels are cut from 5/8 inch thick premium MDF.  The beads are deep and distinctive which gives the panel an elegant shadowing effect.

One side of the panel has beads that are 2 5/8" on center.  The other side has beads that are 4" on center. 

The outer edge of the cut includes a rounded edge which gives the panel a distinctively smooth feel and is soothing to the touch.

Each beadboard panel has a finish width of 8".  You can purchase prepackaged kits with 30", 36" and 48" tall beadboard panels.  When combined with the top cap molding and baseboard moldings the finish heights will increase by 6" to kit heights of 36", 42" and 54".  You can also purchase 60" and 96" beadboard panels for taller applications.

Reversible Beadboard Panels

beadboard cross section with dimensions and lap joint viewEach Beadboard Panel has an 8 inch finish width.  The panels have lap joints so each panel will overlap the prior panel.


Our moldings are made from solid poplar.  Poplar is the wood of choice because it is a medium weight wood with good strength and great painting characteristics.  The moldings can be purchased by the foot or are 8 feet long when sold in the 8 foot kit. 

   Cross Section
Top Cap Molding
Beadboard Top Cap Molding made from solid poplar wood

Base Molding
Beadboard Base Molding made from 1 peice of solid poplar wood
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